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i like john jannuzzi and what would you guys think of something like this for a future prompt?


Holden Caulfield was the first post on Textbook, so I figured why not re-do it since it’s been a couple years. Anyways, we all had to read Catcher in the Rye in high school and we all know it’s a good book. Holden plays the part of spoiled New York City brat who bounces from school to school and calls people phonies. He has a sister named Phoebe and hates Stradlater. So imagine a rich kid bumming around New York and there you go.

1. Stradlater SUCKS

Coat and scarf by Billy Reid, sweater by N. Hoolywood, pants by Michael Bastian, shoes by Band of Outsiders

2. Hey Phoebs

Coat and sweater by Andrea Pompilio, jeans and shoes by Junya Watanabe, shirt by Band of Outsiders

3. Pencey Prep

Coat by Billy Reid, suit by Michael Bastian, boots by Rag & Bone